About Sitting on the porch

I am Saskia, married to Jaco and we currently live with our family in Wisconsin. We are born and raised in the Netherlands but a leap of faith brought us in 2008 to the USA. We have lived in 4 different states: Virginia, Georgia, Washington and now Wisconsin. We fell in love with the USA and are raising our 2 boys here with some Dutch heritage blended in. We have two Bernese Mountain dogs Bella and Bianca. You will see them pop up on our social media.

Looking into someone's life is always interesting and with this website we would like to give you a peek in our live. We love to cook, entertain, create, be outdoors in our garden or nature. We live on a beautiful old homestead and there is so much to explore in the world that we would like to share with you. So come along with us and we hope you will look forward to visiting our website while sitting relaxed on your porch!