The Southern Waver

In pre-Civil War times, the southern waver was usually the nice-looking woman who lived in the mansion. She sat on the front porch and waved at the neighbors as they went by. Today it has taken a different meaning. It has become the senior citizen sitting on his front porch in his rocking chair. It is more prevalent the further south you go. Have you ever noticed the Senior Citizen sitting in his rocking chair waving at every car that passes? He is usually there every day, all day rain or shine. It’s hard to believe, but this is what he has looked forward to most of his life. Most waivers have spent their lives working the farm where they are now  sitting.imgres They have dreamt about the day when they would have nothing to do but sit on the front porch. If you are not too busy just pull into the stranger’s driveway, walk up and introduce yourself. Sit down and talk a few minutes and then be on your way. You have just made this man the happiest man in the world. The reason he waves at every car, he is hoping that one will stop.  When you drive away, You will also have a feeling like you’ve never had before, you have spent three or four minutes and made somebody’s day, it will be well worth the effort.
There are so many things we could do in everyday life that wouldn’t take  money, just a little time and brighten a person’s day. It could be a little kid or a group of kids playing hopscotch. We could play hopscotch for five minutes and not lose a day’s pay but how much would it mean to those little kids, I feel we could all start doing the little things and make the whole world a better place to live.

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Floyd’s Personal Waver

I had a  friend Floyd who owned a Black Angus farm in Oconee, SC. Being a good friend of mine, Floyd also had his own “personal waver”. The waver’s house sat in the middle of one of Floyd’s fields on 1 acre of land. His name was Fred. Floyd always wanted him to move because, with the new farming technology, Fred’s land made planting and harvesting difficult. Floyd did ask Fred if he wanted to sell his acre of land and the only reply was “now Floyd there is no need for you to buy my land and I won’t be around much longer. Fred was in his 90’s so Floyd never pushed the issue. Fred had just always been there. Floyd couldn’t remember a time when he weren’t around.

The day after Fred’s funeral, Floyd was in the court house trying to find out who was going to inherit Fred’s land, and to his amazement,  Floyd owned the land. Floyd’s father had just let Fred live there while Fred worked  odd jobs around the farm. After all that Floyd said he was glad he never pushed the issue of Fred moving. He had grown to like Fred. He even went over to sit on his porch and help him wave at all the cars that passed his house. Floyd said that he would probably be a waver when got unable to work anymore.

Floyd’s Dove Hunt

Floyd had one of the most popular dove hunts in South Carolina. It was held on every Saturday during dove season. SC law stated that you could not bait the field unless you were planting a crop then it was legal. All year long when Floyd took his corn crop to the granary he had them save all the cracked kernels of corn. There was no need to plant cracked corn because it would not germinate. During dove season I was at Floyd’s at sunrise and planted the dove field with plenty of cracked corn. It was for the doves not to germinate.
the-dovesOne Saturday I couldn’t make it so I called Floyd earlier in the week to let him know. He said not to worry about it, he would have one of his farm hands take care of the planting. Well, about 9:00 Friday night  he called to see if I could get off Saturday. His farm hand had just poured the corn out in big piles all over the field. He needed help because he knew the game warden would check the field on Saturday and would close the field. I was there bright and early, Floyd and I started cleaning up the field. Sure enough, about 10:30 the game warden, AKA “Rabbit Sheriff” as we called him, showed up. He said,  “Floyd you and Al have sure worked hard this morning but I was here at sun-up and this field is closed for two weeks”. We packed up all the equipment and headed back to Floyd’s for breakfast. Two weeks later the dove hunt resumed its normal routine.

The Yearly Cattle Sale

Every year Floyd had a cattle sale. Black Angus farmers from nearby states and even a couple from Argentina came to the sale. Floyd made sure he had sure he had the best blood lines you could get anywhere. He paid one and a half million for his Bull and every year he sold all the calves that showed any signs of white hair anywhere. He also sold his cows that had not turned out to be good breeding stock. The auction Started at 8:00 am and would last until around 3:00 pm. After the auction, It was time for the pig roast and liquor drinking  that lasted until around midnight.



My job was to cook the pigs. I used a back hoe to dig a trench about 100 feet long, deep enough to hold about 2 feet of red hot coals and the pigs. I would start around early evening Friday digging the trench then start burning wood in the bottom. By about 1:00 am we would have enough coals to cook the pigs. We had been soaking the pigs in a sauce, that only he knew the recipe, ever since we had started digging the trench. We wrapped the pigs in burlap sacks, laid them on top of coals and shoveled in some dirt. We made sure the heat would stay in but we could also check on the cooking once in a while. The term once in a while means the same as when your wife says”just a minute honey”. Floyd was the big man at the auction. Always dressed to kill, but the funny thing is, for the last several years, Fred (the waver) was always by his side also in a new tailored suit. Floyd would then act as if he were consulting with Fred on every sale. I thought he had become kind of an alternate father to Floyd. Floyd’s father had passed away when Floyd was young.

Back to dove hunting, about two years after the Game Warden (aka:Rabbit Sheriff) closed us down temporarily, I wound up falling and busting up  my knee. I had to have it operated on and this was the week of opening day of dove season.


This caused quite a problem because I had never missed an opening day before. I was at home laying in bed trying to let my knee get well when I heard somebody pull in the driveway. They got out and the next thing I knew Floyd and two of his friends were in my bedroom. They said okay, get up, let’s go it’s opening day of dove season. We are getting ready to go to the field. Floyd  already has  you are gun, shells and everything in the truck. So let’s go. I told Floyd, “Floyd I can’t go dove hunting. I can’t even walk. The doctor said I’m not supposed to get out of bed. Floyd said “that’s okay. I’ve got everything taken care of.” Then they picked me up and carried me outside. In the back of his pickup truck he had a great big  recliner chair.  He had it all strapped and bolted down to the back of his truck. They then proceeded to put me in that recliner and put two belts around me so I wouldn’t fall out.  We then started out for the dove field. When we got there, I saw that Floyd had  taken three of those big round bales of hay and put them out in the middle of the field. They carried me out there and placed me between the three built bales of hay. I would be safe from other people shooting at me but the doves would be flying straight over my head. Needless to say, after about a six pack and shooting more doves than I had ever shot in a single outing, I finally told Floyd and to let me sit it out the rest of the day. I needed to go back to the house where I could rest and relax. So they loaded me back up in a pickup truck, took me home where we all had a beer and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon.  I don’t think that I have ever had a more enjoyable dove shoot than that one. As I said in the beginning, Floyd had his own personal waver. He didn’t go anywhere without his waver. His waiver, Fred, was the man who helped me the most while getting me in and out of the pickup truck, getting me safely to the dove field and then back home. Fred was a good friend and there was nothing that he enjoyed more than sitting on his front porch, waiting for car to go by and waving at whoever was in the car. I hope that I make it to his age so that I can be a waver.


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Living Retirement, With an Empty Bucket List

Introduction To A Southern Waver

I always wanted to be a southern waver. Unless you’ve read the rest of this blog you are probably asking yourself what the hell is a waver, I’ve never heard of a waver before. The short explanation is that it has nothing to do with wavy hair,  a waver is an old man sitting in his rocking chair out on his front porch waving at every car that passes. Well, my lifelong dream has been to be a waver when I retire. I could sit back and take it easy and just waved to cars as they passed.  I retired thinking about it how and where was I going to put my rocking chair. I finally realize that I have been a waver just about my entire life, not just while I was retired but from the beginning. I grew up in a small town and would walk around town and wave at everyone I saw young or old. Being a waver for the rest of my had a lot of it has to do with the advancement of technology. When I was 10 or 12 years old, I got a CB radio, and Ijohnson-cb used to talk to people from all over the county. The weather conditions had to be right and then you could to people from almost any state. All CBers had cards printed with their call sign and address. We would send each of the cards to show that we had talked to each other on our radios. The CB fad finally ended after I went to college. It wasn’t until I started my first diesel truck garage that the CBs came back into my life. When you think about it, we were waving at each other.

Playing Golf  Course

After graduating from college and getting my job on a military base, I played golf every afternoon, and it was usually with a new military man who had just been stationed there for training. Most of them I would see when they came home from Iraq they would be stationed in VA for more training. The sad thing about it is a lot of didn’t make it back when all and never saw him again. The ones that were lucky enough to make it back for more training would tell what happened to their buddies we had played with last year. I was still a waver; I would play a round with a couple and wave at the rest.

I Have Retired Now

These days technology has come to my rescue. The internet has made it possible for me to wave and make a little money at the same time. The waving part is when some comments on your blog or gives some feedback.

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Local Business

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Country Doctor


We used to sit and discuss the state of the country for hours on end. The country Doctor had some strange views, but also some ideas that I agreed with totally. One of those views was her doctor and the government should not be involved in any way whatsoever. Abortion was one of his views on which we both totally agreed. He believed abortion should be between the woman, her maker and her doctor. Why should the government have anything to do with a woman making a choice about her body. He also felt that genetics had started with the invention and use of penicillin. Mainly because penicillin allowed a lot of babies, that would not have lived, become part of our genetic pool. When you stop and think about it, he was right. We were altering the genetic pool simply by using penicillin.


Human genetics are coming, whether we believe it or not, it is going to get here. Already, by using genetics, solving problems that seniors have. Such as cystic fibrosis, Alzheimer’s disease and several other diseases that affect the elderly. But, as usual, the government has decided to pass laws and regulations about what we can and cannot study in the field of human genetics. The government has decided that they need to regulate the ethical implications of human genetics. I feel that this is something that should be left up to the scientific community. The scientific community has studied and written about the ethics since 2007. Doctors and scientists have used the Hippocratic oath for years and years. They are the ones who have developed the standards that we use to date.


Yes, you can say that it is a slippery slope that we’re following. We could go down that slippery slope until we started doing damage. Such as cosmetic changes using genetic engineering for things like determining the color of someone’s eyes, the shape of their nose, gender or even the size of their penis. If we kept going down this slippery slope, we would be altering the genetic pool forever. This slippery slope. People think that what we are creating is a perfect human being. What they don’t know or believe is that we have done this since Adolf Hitler started trying to create his version of a perfect person. They also don’t realize that scientists in the United States helped Hitler in his effort to create the perfect human being. Golfed, a British scientist who studied the upper class of British people, decided that the reason they were upper-class was that they were genetically superior to the lower-class Brits. Research like this has been going on since the 1880’s. Scientists believed that they could alter the human genome by selective breeding. In the United States, there are even immigration policies where the government dictated who was a fit or non-fit for immigration. People who emigrated to the United States where subject to this policy and if you were determined to be fit, for any reason, you were allowed to migrate. If you were large, strong and could do hard labor you could be accepted to migrate. If you were of high intelligence but immigration authorities didn’t feel there was a need for your high intelligence then you were not allowed to emigrate because it would wind up being “a total mess up in the system.” They even decided that if you were poor you would probably end up on the streets begging for food and money and you were unfit for emigration.

Howard University and Hampton University decided that   African-Americans were as fit as white people were and that the populations should be allowed to mix and form a genetic pool of both races. They call this “The Talented Ten.” They even carried it so far that only the “fit African-Americans” were allowed to procreate, leaving the rest to forced sterilization. Remember now that we’re talking about policies of the US Immigration Service. If you want to decide who is best “qualified” to define this “slippery slope” just look at the history I have shared with you.  I think you will agree that the doctors and scientist are a whole lot more qualified than the government to make these judgments. Both classes and races were used to decide the fit and unfit. Here, again, is a prime example of the slippery slope we are being forced into by our government. They even decided that upper-class women were deemed to be fitter than the lower-class.

Their thinking was that the lower-class would be more likely to end up as prostitutes and the upper-class could contribute to society, and yet again they forced the lower-class women into being sterilized. In 1907 Indiana passed the first forced sterilization law in the country. Other states soon followed suit. Even today Virginia has failed to repeal any of their fit and unfit laws. Some states even sterilize the developmentally disabled. In 1963 64,000 people underwent sterilization.

California had the largest number of sterilization in the country. Paul Pope wrote a book about California’s policies that was cited widely by the Nazi government. It wasn’t until 1940 were when we became disenfranchise with the Nazis that things began to change. I reiterate who is best qualified to decide the slippery slope? Government or the doctors and scientist. During the 1940’s and 1950’s ethnic groups started to form all over the United States. It was because of the efforts of these ethnic group that the US government began to change their entire policy on immigration. The Nazis went as far as gas chambers and euthanasia to carry out their policies. Thank God we didn’t go to that extent.

If you look at how far some technology has taken us in the last 50 years and if the government would stay at of the way, how far could we make it in the next 100 years? If we let doctors and scientists determined the ethics, then we probably will not slide down the slippery slope ending up with a genetic pool that creates more and more prosperity with less and less poverty than any government could.

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The Trout Fishing Waver

Trout Fishing

When I was a lot younger, a couple of friends and I did a fair amount of trout fishing. It was a constant ordeal trying to find a better place to fish. One day we turned on what we thought was the wrong road but kept going anyway. After a while, the asphalt stopped but the dirt road kept going and so did we. We went around a turn and there she  was sitting in her rocking chair and sure enough, she waved as we passed. We waved back and rode a little further and found a nice stream. We didn’t have long to fish but we caught probably 7 or 8 nice sized trout. This became our regular fishing hole. The lady lived in a small frame house that had never been painted. She evidently heated and cooked with a wood stove because next to the house was a dump truck load of split wood and on the front porch was a stack that she kept dry. She was sitting on the porch and waved almost every time we went fishing. After a month or so we decided to camp out for the weekend.

The Weekend Disaster

We had loaded up all our camping and fishing gear and off we went. After setting up camp we started fishing. After about an hour there came one of those afternoon showers. It quickly turned into a real gully-washer. We didn’t have any dry wood and had not even started a fire. It was almost dark, we were wet and cold so I decided to ride to the waver’s house and ask for a few pieces of wood. I knocked on the door, she came to the door but didn’t open it. She just asked who I was and what did I want. I explained our situation to her and asked if I could have some of her dry wood. She said to take what we needed but when we were leaving would we please restock her porch with wood from the big pile next to the house. I assured her we would put plenty on the porch when we left. By then it had quit raining and we were able to start a fire and dry out our wood. This relationship went on for several years. We would stop and talk for a minute or two every once in a while and she invited us in for coffee a time or two.

The Funeral

One day one of my buddies called and told me he had read in the paper the lady had passed away. Four of us  decided to attend the funeral, we felt like she was family. When we arrived at the funeral there was the four of us and one other man there. There were only the five of us attending the funeral. The man introduced himself and said he was her son and only living relative. I explained our relationship with his mother. He said that she talked about us every time he went to visit her. He also said we could use all the wood left. We thanked him, and the funeral and burial went on. When it was over we shook hands and left. We continued to fish there for several months and finally started looking for another place to fish. There was still plenty of fish but it just wasn’t the same. Without the lady waving every time we went by it just didn’t feel right. We finally found another place to fish but it did not have a waver. I guess that wavers are a dying breed.

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Bogg’s Tractor Company

Sweeping Floors

I started when I was around 13 years old. I came in every afternoon after school and did my daily chores. After that, I would hang around and watch the mechanics work. I wasn’t getting paid but I did learn how to do some of the routine jobs like changing the oil etc. Bobby Boggs one of the owners took an interest in me and found that there was a lot of things I could help out with. It wasn’t long before I quit sweeping and started working in the shop.

Farmall Cub Tractor

The Cub was the smallest tractor Farmall made at the time. It was also the first piece  of equipment that I rebuilt the engine. By today’s standards, itfarmall-cub was about like a large yard tractor. I must have taken it apart and reassembled it 4 times before I got everything right. It ran a brand new machine. Leland Boggs, Bobby’s father influenced my life in many ways. He always gave me just a little more than I was capable of and forced me to learn the rest. I worked there off and on between College semesters for several years. I finally turned out to be a pretty good diesel mechanic.

Leland Boggs

As is said, Leland influenced me in a lot of different ways. When I was too drunk to go home, I could go to Leland’s house. The front door was never locked, and the front bedroom was reserved for me. Leland had the reputation of being the only man in the county who knew how to make a cub-cadethay bailer tie a knot in the twine. He would never give up his secret. Anytime someone’s hay bailer quit tieing they called  Leland. As the years went by and Leland’s health went down one day, he called me in and said I had to go and fix a knoter. I  said Leland you are the only man who fixes a knotter. He said, hell I don’t know how a knotter works, just take it apart, clean all the rust you see, spray it with WD-40 and put it back together and it will start working. From then on I was the hay bailer man until now I have never revealed his secret.

My First Business

Leland and Bobby even helped me start my own diesel truck garage. I was in competition with them but in reality, they didn’t like to work on trucks. When a truck broke down it was always too far from home. I had customers who ran from up-state NY to Tampa, FL. They outlasted me in business mainly due to a divorce I wound up selling my business.

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Making Progress Writing

How I Learned to write

When I first started writing blogs for my websites, I felt my writing skills were so poor that I needed a professional to do my writing. I found a lady, I did all the research, found the keywords I wanted to use and she wrote my first blog. She charged 5 cents a word and I never used it. The article just did not express what I felt. The people at Wealthy Affiliate had been trying to get me just to decide what I wanted to convey and then write about what I felt. In the end I found that practice makes perfect when writing blogs. I started doing it their way and became successful. I don’t just sit down and start writing. I wait until I get an idea, then I research it,  look for keywords to decide how it will rank and then I start writing.

It Is Just How I Learned to Drive Nails

A man nicknamed “Big” was the foreman of the maintenance department at the local cotton mill. He was also the “banker” when someone ran short during the week they would ask Big to lend them $5.00. The answer was always the same “5 for seven Friday” and then hand them a $5.00 bill. Of course it would then be  nine for five if you missed Friday’s payment. When an employee really got into trouble, financially,  he would make sure they made enough overtime to pay him. During that time there were only two places to get a job. You either worked at the cotton mill, or you were a logger. The cotton mill was considered the better of the two.

Back To Nail Driving

My job the first summer was to crate up cotton mill looms and ship them to Nicaragua and of course, it would take me three nails to get one right. Big was watching one day, and he said “Al put a nail right here” and put his finger right where he wanted it. I put the nail there and hit Big’s finger and broke his finger. The whole room of people scattered like a covey of Quail. For the next couple of days the employees wanted to know if we were driving-nailsworking Saturday. Finally one of them got up enough courage to ask Big. Big’s answer was “everybody is off except Al and I. We will be working.” I dreaded it for two days because I didn’t know what Big had in store for me. I knew it wasn’t going to be good.

When I came in on that Saturday, there was Big. He had a whole keg of nails and a railroad tie. He told me to drive ALL the nails into the railroad tie and then I could go home. By the time I finished, I could Drive a nail with precision. The moral to this story is,  if you practice, you can become proficient at almost anything. I have used this technique at Wealthy Affiliate and my writing has improved substantially.

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Gullah Geechee, Geechee Gullah Who Knows

All I know about the topic is that it is a beautiful group of people in a beautiful area of the world, where they make beautiful Gullah baskets and we should leave them alone. For people who don’t know about the outer barrier islands of South Carolina and Georgia you probably have never heard of either term. Basically, they are a group of African Americans who during slavery lived on these Islands and worked for their owner. They couldn’t escape since they were as far east as they could go.
3After the Civil War ended they just retreated back to their Island homes and went on with their lives. They mainly grew rice, scientists have tried to tie them to an African tribe that had the skills to build dams and canals used to irrigate the rice fields.They have been studied so long and by so many people, I feel they should just be left alone.

Our Great Society, as it was once called, has even formed a Gullah Geechee preserve over the last few years. I think that any 4 year old child can look at the map and see  that the only purpose is for the rich developer to get richer. An ex-slave preserve in downtown Jacksonville, Fl. Who are they kidding? There is even a plan to extend it to Flagler County, Fl.

I think at this point I’ll stop preaching and discuss the things I love about the people and culture. There is a tale, that makes a goof front porch story, it starts with the IRS coming to Charleston, SC to break up a massive counterfeiting ring. After an extensive and costly investigation, itsearch turns out that the German U-Boats were trading fake $100.00 bills with the Gullah people. These people had kept themselves so isolated that they didn’t know that we were at war. One man told the IRS agent, “well he did have a funny accent.”

My mother grew up in Charleston and we visited friends out on Johns Island. When I could get away I would walk down to the end of the road and into “Gullah Country”. Mother thought this was dangerous, but I found the people friendly and happy to show me how to start a sea grass basket and laugh at the results. These were some of the fondness memories of my youth.

Speaking of the U-Boat Captains accent, It took me a whole summer to learn enough Geechee to get by. All in all, I found Geechee to be a well-structured language that was actually easy to learn. I think the reason it was easy to me is that I speak an English-Scottish-Appalachian dialect that was developed by the first settlers that moved deep into the Appaliichan mountains. That in itself would make a front porch tale but we will save it for later.

Back to the original Geechee-Gullah debate. It depends on who you ask. If you ask a genealogist he made money on his book so it might be slanted. the bottom line is that the people themselves don’t have a clear definition. If you ask one person are you Gullah the say no I’m Geechee the man overt5here is Gullah. you could ask another person the same question and get the opposite answer. The only thing that really matters is that they are a happy group of people living in a place they love.

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