Hello fellow Wealthy Affiliate Members. I am a retired Computer Scientist. I worked at the same place as Grace Hoper did when she found the first computer bug, a moth, for the Department of Defense for 25 years and I’m going to try some online selling. I feel my expectations are realistic. I have worked with WordPress a good and maybe can answer a few or your questions. I would like to add more to my biography but when you have spent the last 25 years in the top secret world you really don’t have a lot to talk about.
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My name is Al and if there is anything I can do for you here is the link to my profile just drop me a line.
A Somewhat Varied Life

I guess you would say I have lived a varied life. My first real job was when I was 14 I had a job hauling white lightning from Long Creek SC to GA, NC and other parts of SC. I learned many of the skills I would use later in life working on the liquor stills, tractors, and other equipment. I was one of those kids in school who made C’s and B’s all through school never paid attention and made 1340 on his SAT’s. I went to GA Tech my first year and decided I would rather be a diesel mechanic and opened my garage. To shorten this, I got married twice had four kids and went back to college in Jackson, MS.

Life Got Interesting

You have probably figured it out by now that I named this My Girl just to get your attention. The Department Of Defence couldn’t find Computer Scientist with enough math skills to do their work. In 1984 they started a pilot program at Mississippi College. So here comes an SC redneck right into their first day of the pilot program. The first I asked the Director was “what is a Computer Scientist.” To make a long story longer, I went to school full time and worked for Ryder Truck Rentals full time. I graduated at the top fo the Computer Science program and had a BS in Computer Science. I also wound up in the upper part of the math department. They told me I had been Inducted into the Math Honors Society with top honors and gave me 45 min. To change clothes and come up with a speech.

The Department Of Defense

I accepted a job with the DOD two weeks later. They called me on Friday and explained that usually, they would fly my wife and me up for a week to look the place over. The problem they had was that at 12:00 Monday the entire Government was going into a hiring freeze. If I had accepted the job before it was mine but at 12:00 they would have to rescind the offer. I labored all weekend over the decision. I kept thinking what did I know about Tomahawk Missiles and GPS Satellites. Finally, my wife asked what we were going to do. I replied that I had been worried about my qualifications but in reality that was their job, they had decided I was qualified. So I took the job Sunday afternoon about 6:00 pm and by Friday they had sent a moving truck and we were living in King George, VA by Monday I was at work with the DOD.

Weapons Development

After my first training, I was moved to the Weapons Development Department. Weapons Development Department was a new Department started by 12 other young Computer Scientist and me who shared the ability to come up with strange ways to kill people, that worked. When we started there were 12 of us, now it has grown into an 1100 man organization. Since most of the work was Classified above Top Secret, I’m going to let you fill in the blanks. Especially, how an SC redneck bootlegger got the highest Clearance there is, briefed the Joint Chiefs of Staff and passed a monthly lie detector test.

Needless to say but for the next 30 years, I was squeaky clean. I changed my whole lifestyle. I was never in any trouble of any kind. As for the lie detector test, they didn’t care what you had done in the past. They realized if you told them up front about the past then you couldn’t be blackmailed into giving up secrets. We were given immunity for the past and could be clean from then on. First, we were interviewed by the man conducting the test, and I revealed everything about my past.

The man conducting the test, The only question on the test was “other than the things we have talked about, have you done anything that would make you a target for being blackmailed. I passed the test and spent the next 25 years with the DOD.

It was a 2 hour drive to the facility where we were tested. My fist attempt ended with the tester saying that my medical records indicated that I might have some heart problems and that I needed a letter from my Doctor to take the test. 4 hours of wasted driving. When I saw the Doctor hi response was, Al how in the hell do I know, you are the only one that can answer that question.He wrote m a letter and back for two hours I went. the tester asked if he doctor said it as ok, my response was, yes he said it was ok but I had a body bag in the trunk of my car just in case he was wrong. We went through the interview and I took the lie detector test and passed. So now we have a SC redneck with the highest top secret clearance possible. From there on it was 25 years of working in a building that no radio or cellphone could penetrate.

The first couple of weeks I had claustrophobia and every  3 hours I had to stop ad walk around the outside of the building. I finally got over it and it became natural. From then on I was a weapons developer. 25 years later I retied and starting looking for something else to do. How hard could making web pages be, I had been doing that for 25 years. Well first time I got scammed out of $2000.oo dollars. I starting searching companies that specialized in making money online.

I found Wealthy Affiliate, that was when I discovered that I knew nothing about creating an online business. Today my only problem is that WA doesn’t think I help my comrades at WA enough. They don’t realize that I use my HTML and php coding skills to help out some one every day. Yesterday I spent 6 hours helping a lady transfer all her links ,adds and pictures from another companies website to WA. Once she saw my code she was able to transfer the entire site. WA doesn’t keep metrics on that type oh help so I do not get credit for it. I am not worried it will all come out in the wash. Who knows maybe one of the owners will read this profile. WA is not perfect buy they are very close to being perfect. Well I have rambled on long enough for now. Any comments you could make on my profile wold help. I want both the good and bad.




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