Living Retirement, With an Empty Bucket List

Introduction To A Southern Waver

I always wanted to be a southern waver. Unless you’ve read the rest of this blog you are probably asking yourself what the hell is a waver, I’ve never heard of a waver before. The short explanation is that it has nothing to do with wavy hair,  a waver is an old man sitting in his rocking chair out on his front porch waving at every car that passes. Well, my lifelong dream has been to be a waver when I retire. I could sit back and take it easy and just waved to cars as they passed.  I retired thinking about it how and where was I going to put my rocking chair. I finally realize that I have been a waver just about my entire life, not just while I was retired but from the beginning. I grew up in a small town and would walk around town and wave at everyone I saw young or old. Being a waver for the rest of my had a lot of it has to do with the advancement of technology. When I was 10 or 12 years old, I got a CB radio, and Ijohnson-cb used to talk to people from all over the county. The weather conditions had to be right and then you could to people from almost any state. All CBers had cards printed with their call sign and address. We would send each of the cards to show that we had talked to each other on our radios. The CB fad finally ended after I went to college. It wasn’t until I started my first diesel truck garage that the CBs came back into my life. When you think about it, we were waving at each other.

Playing Golf  Course

After graduating from college and getting my job on a military base, I played golf every afternoon, and it was usually with a new military man who had just been stationed there for training. Most of them I would see when they came home from Iraq they would be stationed in VA for more training. The sad thing about it is a lot of didn’t make it back when all and never saw him again. The ones that were lucky enough to make it back for more training would tell what happened to their buddies we had played with last year. I was still a waver; I would play a round with a couple and wave at the rest.

I Have Retired Now

These days technology has come to my rescue. The internet has made it possible for me to wave and make a little money at the same time. The waving part is when some comments on your blog or gives some feedback.

Please Respond.

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