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How I Learned to write

When I first started writing blogs for my websites, I felt my writing skills were so poor that I needed a professional to do my writing. I found a lady, I did all the research, found the keywords I wanted to use and she wrote my first blog. She charged 5 cents a word and I never used it. The article just did not express what I felt. The people at Wealthy Affiliate had been trying to get me just to decide what I wanted to convey and then write about what I felt. In the end I found that practice makes perfect when writing blogs. I started doing it their way and became successful. I don’t just sit down and start writing. I wait until I get an idea, then I research it,  look for keywords to decide how it will rank and then I start writing.

It Is Just How I Learned to Drive Nails

A man nicknamed “Big” was the foreman of the maintenance department at the local cotton mill. He was also the “banker” when someone ran short during the week they would ask Big to lend them $5.00. The answer was always the same “5 for seven Friday” and then hand them a $5.00 bill. Of course it would then be  nine for five if you missed Friday’s payment. When an employee really got into trouble, financially,  he would make sure they made enough overtime to pay him. During that time there were only two places to get a job. You either worked at the cotton mill, or you were a logger. The cotton mill was considered the better of the two.

Back To Nail Driving

My job the first summer was to crate up cotton mill looms and ship them to Nicaragua and of course, it would take me three nails to get one right. Big was watching one day, and he said “Al put a nail right here” and put his finger right where he wanted it. I put the nail there and hit Big’s finger and broke his finger. The whole room of people scattered like a covey of Quail. For the next couple of days the employees wanted to know if we were driving-nailsworking Saturday. Finally one of them got up enough courage to ask Big. Big’s answer was “everybody is off except Al and I. We will be working.” I dreaded it for two days because I didn’t know what Big had in store for me. I knew it wasn’t going to be good.

When I came in on that Saturday, there was Big. He had a whole keg of nails and a railroad tie. He told me to drive ALL the nails into the railroad tie and then I could go home. By the time I finished, I could Drive a nail with precision. The moral to this story is,  if you practice, you can become proficient at almost anything. I have used this technique at Wealthy Affiliate and my writing has improved substantially.

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