Country Doctor


We used to sit and discuss the state of the country for hours on end. The country Doctor had some strange views, but also some ideas that I agreed with totally. One of those views was her doctor and the government should not be involved in any way whatsoever. Abortion was one of his views on which we both totally agreed. He believed abortion should be between the woman, her maker and her doctor. Why should the government have anything to do with a woman making a choice about her body. He also felt that genetics had started with the invention and use of penicillin. Mainly because penicillin allowed a lot of babies, that would not have lived, become part of our genetic pool. When you stop and think about it, he was right. We were altering the genetic pool simply by using penicillin.


Human genetics are coming, whether we believe it or not, it is going to get here. Already, by using genetics, solving problems that seniors have. Such as cystic fibrosis, Alzheimer’s disease and several other diseases that affect the elderly. But, as usual, the government has decided to pass laws and regulations about what we can and cannot study in the field of human genetics. The government has decided that they need to regulate the ethical implications of human genetics. I feel that this is something that should be left up to the scientific community. The scientific community has studied and written about the ethics since 2007. Doctors and scientists have used the Hippocratic oath for years and years. They are the ones who have developed the standards that we use to date.


Yes, you can say that it is a slippery slope that we’re following. We could go down that slippery slope until we started doing damage. Such as cosmetic changes using genetic engineering for things like determining the color of someone’s eyes, the shape of their nose, gender or even the size of their penis. If we kept going down this slippery slope, we would be altering the genetic pool forever. This slippery slope. People think that what we are creating is a perfect human being. What they don’t know or believe is that we have done this since Adolf Hitler started trying to create his version of a perfect person. They also don’t realize that scientists in the United States helped Hitler in his effort to create the perfect human being. Golfed, a British scientist who studied the upper class of British people, decided that the reason they were upper-class was that they were genetically superior to the lower-class Brits. Research like this has been going on since the 1880’s. Scientists believed that they could alter the human genome by selective breeding. In the United States, there are even immigration policies where the government dictated who was a fit or non-fit for immigration. People who emigrated to the United States where subject to this policy and if you were determined to be fit, for any reason, you were allowed to migrate. If you were large, strong and could do hard labor you could be accepted to migrate. If you were of high intelligence but immigration authorities didn’t feel there was a need for your high intelligence then you were not allowed to emigrate because it would wind up being “a total mess up in the system.” They even decided that if you were poor you would probably end up on the streets begging for food and money and you were unfit for emigration.

Howard University and Hampton University decided that   African-Americans were as fit as white people were and that the populations should be allowed to mix and form a genetic pool of both races. They call this “The Talented Ten.” They even carried it so far that only the “fit African-Americans” were allowed to procreate, leaving the rest to forced sterilization. Remember now that we’re talking about policies of the US Immigration Service. If you want to decide who is best “qualified” to define this “slippery slope” just look at the history I have shared with you.  I think you will agree that the doctors and scientist are a whole lot more qualified than the government to make these judgments. Both classes and races were used to decide the fit and unfit. Here, again, is a prime example of the slippery slope we are being forced into by our government. They even decided that upper-class women were deemed to be fitter than the lower-class.

Their thinking was that the lower-class would be more likely to end up as prostitutes and the upper-class could contribute to society, and yet again they forced the lower-class women into being sterilized. In 1907 Indiana passed the first forced sterilization law in the country. Other states soon followed suit. Even today Virginia has failed to repeal any of their fit and unfit laws. Some states even sterilize the developmentally disabled. In 1963 64,000 people underwent sterilization.

California had the largest number of sterilization in the country. Paul Pope wrote a book about California’s policies that was cited widely by the Nazi government. It wasn’t until 1940 were when we became disenfranchise with the Nazis that things began to change. I reiterate who is best qualified to decide the slippery slope? Government or the doctors and scientist. During the 1940’s and 1950’s ethnic groups started to form all over the United States. It was because of the efforts of these ethnic group that the US government began to change their entire policy on immigration. The Nazis went as far as gas chambers and euthanasia to carry out their policies. Thank God we didn’t go to that extent.

If you look at how far some technology has taken us in the last 50 years and if the government would stay at of the way, how far could we make it in the next 100 years? If we let doctors and scientists determined the ethics, then we probably will not slide down the slippery slope ending up with a genetic pool that creates more and more prosperity with less and less poverty than any government could.

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