Bogg’s Tractor Company

Sweeping Floors

I started when I was around 13 years old. I came in every afternoon after school and did my daily chores. After that, I would hang around and watch the mechanics work. I wasn’t getting paid but I did learn how to do some of the routine jobs like changing the oil etc. Bobby Boggs one of the owners took an interest in me and found that there was a lot of things I could help out with. It wasn’t long before I quit sweeping and started working in the shop.

Farmall Cub Tractor

The Cub was the smallest tractor Farmall made at the time. It was also the first piece  of equipment that I rebuilt the engine. By today’s standards, itfarmall-cub was about like a large yard tractor. I must have taken it apart and reassembled it 4 times before I got everything right. It ran a brand new machine. Leland Boggs, Bobby’s father influenced my life in many ways. He always gave me just a little more than I was capable of and forced me to learn the rest. I worked there off and on between College semesters for several years. I finally turned out to be a pretty good diesel mechanic.

Leland Boggs

As is said, Leland influenced me in a lot of different ways. When I was too drunk to go home, I could go to Leland’s house. The front door was never locked, and the front bedroom was reserved for me. Leland had the reputation of being the only man in the county who knew how to make a cub-cadethay bailer tie a knot in the twine. He would never give up his secret. Anytime someone’s hay bailer quit tieing they called  Leland. As the years went by and Leland’s health went down one day, he called me in and said I had to go and fix a knoter. I  said Leland you are the only man who fixes a knotter. He said, hell I don’t know how a knotter works, just take it apart, clean all the rust you see, spray it with WD-40 and put it back together and it will start working. From then on I was the hay bailer man until now I have never revealed his secret.

My First Business

Leland and Bobby even helped me start my own diesel truck garage. I was in competition with them but in reality, they didn’t like to work on trucks. When a truck broke down it was always too far from home. I had customers who ran from up-state NY to Tampa, FL. They outlasted me in business mainly due to a divorce I wound up selling my business.

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