The Southern Waver

In pre-Civil War times, the southern waver was usually the nice-looking woman who lived in the mansion. She sat on the front porch and waved at the neighbors as they went by. Today it has taken a different meaning. It has become the senior citizen sitting on his front porch in his rocking chair. It is more prevalent the further south you go. Have you ever noticed the Senior Citizen sitting in his rocking chair waving at every car that passes? He is usually there every day, all day rain or shine. It’s hard to believe, but this is what he has looked forward to most of his life. Most waivers have spent their lives working the farm where they are now  sitting.imgres They have dreamt about the day when they would have nothing to do but sit on the front porch. If you are not too busy just pull into the stranger’s driveway, walk up and introduce yourself. Sit down and talk a few minutes and then be on your way. You have just made this man the happiest man in the world. The reason he waves at every car, he is hoping that one will stop.  When you drive away, You will also have a feeling like you’ve never had before, you have spent three or four minutes and made somebody’s day, it will be well worth the effort.
There are so many things we could do in everyday life that wouldn’t take  money, just a little time and brighten a person’s day. It could be a little kid or a group of kids playing hopscotch. We could play hopscotch for five minutes and not lose a day’s pay but how much would it mean to those little kids, I feel we could all start doing the little things and make the whole world a better place to live.

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